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The theme of This Prophetic Invasion Conference is “The Stirring”.

 “Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou STIR up the gift of God; which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.” 2 Tim 1:6.

God is calling His workmanship, the body of Christ to a great awakening. This awakening starts with you! to awaken you to destiny specifically designed to not only give you practical tools but to activate you into your calling.

This conference will bring together people from all backgrounds, occupations, and denominations, at every stage of their journey. Each session will bring new teaching and revelation as seasoned speakers equip you to step into supernatural dimensions of healing, faith and Holy Spirit- empowered ministry. Seize this opportunity to see your destiny realized and open the doors to a supernatural encounter in your life. Receive a fresh understanding of the plans God has for your life and be equipped to step into your kingdom destiny.

THE STIRRING gathers prophetic voices from across nations and generations to stir up, equip, build up, and unify the body of Christ. Many are asking, “Who am I? What am I? What is God saying? What gifts do I possess? What is His perspective?” We are in a time of cultural turmoil & disunity, but Ephesians 4 says that God is using prophets, among other gifts to bring us all into unity, maturity, and stability. We therefore present The Stirring as an opportunity for believers to come together, be stirred up or actively and hear what God is saying from a global perspective. Come expecting to receive prophetic insight and direction both personally and corporately, reconnect with old friends and forge new lifelong kingdom friendships, be launched into your destiny and gain a new awareness of God’s strategy in the season ahead. In addition, every attendee will have the opportunity to receive personal prophetic ministry.


We have learned that having an encounter with God bypasses our filters and gives us a supernatural lift, changing us in an instant. We understand disappointment, but we have pressed through and found that there is a lifting on the other side of encounter. This event has been meticulously designed to provide an atmosphere where you can dream again, where you can join hands with like-minded believers, and where you can be positioned for lasting change. Come hungry, and God will take care of the rest.


  1. Be stirred up in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  2. Gain a clearer definition of your purpose.
  3. Train your natural senses to discern good and evil.
  4. Learn to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  5. Powerful times of worship with a like-minded community.
  6. Anointed teachings that will inspire you toward relentless pursuit.
  7. Q and A sessions to answer all your prophtic questions

Come discover that God is bigger than your fears. Find keys for stepping into maturity. It’s time to be STIRRED.

  • Stir: stirring in a dream means waking up and smell the roses before life passes you by it is time to investigate and provoke some new excitement in your relationships. It is time to mid things up.
  • Stir up: to use a stir up to mount a horse indicates you are going to have an exciting ride in life. You will be able to mount up with wings as eagles to meet new challenge with strength and power.
  • Lion: Jesus; Ps 17:12. Kingship; strong, regal, king of beasts, tears down, a hunter, a dignity, royalty, someone with great physical power, intimidation, fears nothing. Breaks down stronghold, drinks the blood of victims, devours, rouse, crouched. Enemies will fall in an attempt to bring you harm.


Miranda Ngonga Kwame is called to equip, empower, and encourage a generation of leaders to fulfill their purpose through prayers, teaching and impartation. Partner with me via:

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Miranda Ngonga Kwame (the host)

972 639 2833


Prophetess Michelle McClain Walters

Michelle McClain-Walters has traveled to more than fifty nations and has conducted prophetic schools that have activated thousands in the art of hearing God’s voice. She is the bestselling author of several books including The Deborah Anointing, The Esther Anointing, The Ruth Anointing, and many others. Michelle currently serves as director of prayer ministry at Crusaders Church, under the leadership of Apostle John Eckhardt. Highly sought after international and national conference speaker, she has earned a distinguished reputation as one of God’s chosen Kingdom Prophets and she carries a strong apostolic spirit.
There is a powerful, prophetic creative force in her mouth that sets lives on the course God originally ordained for them. The anointing on her life breaks the powers of darkness and sets the captives free. Michelle has a passion to empower a generation to exercise the authority of the Kingdom in every arena of life.

Apostle Sherri Ezzell

Apostle Sherri carries a fire mantle of anointing to the church and the nations. She is the founder of GroundBreakers International Ministries based in Kinston NC and Carolina Fire Network. She also serves as zone leader for Tribe Network under Apostle Ryan Lestrange. Apostle Sherri is an ordained minister with Cross Country World Missions and serves on their board of directors. CCWM currently serves 227 ministers and 106 churches worldwide. Apostle Sherri traveled with the late Rev. Ann Baines ministering overseas in over 30 countries including Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia, Argentina, China, and Kenya. She has ministered in revivals, women’s conferences, youth events and pastors’ conferences around the world. Apostle Sherri and her husband, Leon, have been married for 24 years and have 2 children.

Dr. Barbie Breathitt

Bio 2015
Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt is a certified Prophetic Dream Life Coach, an author, ordained minister, dedicated educator, a gifted spiritual Seer, and respected teacher of the Divine supernatural manifestations of God. Barbie’s dynamic teaching skills, intelligence, and quick wit make her a favorite with audiences everywhere. Through prayer, intense study, and years of research, Barbie has become the recognized leader in dream interpretation and has equipped people in more than 40 nations around the globe. Her prophetic gifting and deep spiritual insights have helped multiplied thousands of people understand the diverse ways God speaks to us today.

Barbie has degrees from Southeastern University and Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. Barbie earned her Ph.D. from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary.
Through her tangible faith and motivating life stories, Barbie challenges her audience to dive into the deeper mysteries of God with the anticipation of hearing His voice clearly and experiencing the touch of His presence. Her desire is to span denominational boundaries and bridge the gap between the secular realm of truth seekers with a clear message of hope, signs, and wonders, and the demonstration of the power of God.
Her passion in life is to help individuals pursue their understanding of a loving God and to find their highest purpose and destiny in Him.
Barbie’s latest literary works are “Dream Seer” Searching for the Face of the Invisible, “Dream Interpreter”; and “A to Z Dream Symbology Dictionary,” “Gateway to the Seer Realm,” Look Again to See Beyond the Natural,” “Dream Encounters,” Seeing Your Destiny from God’s Perspective,” “Hearing and Understanding God’s Voice,” and “So You Want to Change the World.” Barbie’s other writings include the Dream Encounters Manual with accompanying CD and DVD sets, the Revelatory Encounters Manual with accompanying CD set, the Healing Encounters Manual with CD set, and the Angelic Encounters Manual with CD set. These are part of a vast library of over 100 messages recorded on CD and in mp3 digital format. She considers her greatest writing achievement to be the Dream Encounter Symbols booklets. Volumes One, Two, Three, Actions VI, and “When Will My Dreams Come True” Dream Interpretation Nuggets, Times & Seasons,” “Sports and Recreation” dream symbol cards as well as Barbie’s “Dream Sexology” book, contain thousands of dream symbols garnered from the Bible and ancient Hebrew interpretations. These resources and other products such as her uniquely designed “Dream Encounters Anointing Oil,” are available online at her professional dream interpretation website.