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About Prophetic Evangelist Miranda

Miranda is one of God’s chosen vibrant and dynamic Kingdom Prophetic Evangelist endowed with a strong apostolic spirit. She carries a powerful prophetic creative force that shifts the seven spiritual mountains. She is passionate to equip, empower, and encourage the Body of Christ. Miranda loves the Presence of God and is a prophetic voice to her church and to many others.

Miranda has a strong passion to equip, empower, and encourage a generation to exercise the authority of the Kingdom in every arena of life.

The Holy Spirit has anointed her to mentor and disciple many sons and daughters so they can fulfill their purpose on earth.

Miranda has traveled to many nations and several cities in the U. S partnering with church leaders to advance the Kingdom of God in their territory. She has travelled on missions around the world to save, heal, deliver, and bless God’s people.

Michelle currently serves as the prophetic voice to her church and to many others at Bethel Apostolic Ministries under the leadership of Apostle Dr. William Nkea. She is also the Public Relations and Welfare Officer of Legacy University and Theological Seminary. She serves as a partner of World Healing Fellowship with Pastor Benny Hinn Ministries. She is a leader of the DFW Awakening Blaze Prayer Movement with Jennifer LeClaire Ministries to awaken cities and nations through prayer.


The Vision of The Upper Room Global Ministry is to ignite revival in individual hearts, reawakening communities and nations, and reform the world.


One of the ways in which The Upper Room Global Ministry carries out its mandate is via conferences.

The mission of The Prophetic Invasion Conference is to stir up spiritual gifts and unclog wells through prophetic activations, impartations, and teachings to equip the ecclesiasia for effective ministry in the kingdom of God.